Last Night’s Fun

Last night was our second ever monthly session at The Lord Ashton. It was a really good night, enhanced by a visit from some fantastic Scottish musicians, a late licence, and an audience who actually listened to and appreciated the music for once!

There were three of us playing the flute last night; Joe Murphy from Lancaster, Craig Crawford from north of the border, and myself. The heat was a bit hard on the tuning (though of course I blame the fiddles), which brought to mind this question: what do you call three flute players playing an ‘A’? Answer: a chord!

The next session will be on Friday 16th August.



3 thoughts on “Last Night’s Fun

  1. looks great our Bev, and that fiddle fella looks like a reincarnation of a young Martin Hayes, did he play as well or did he drink as little ? 😉 xx

  2. T’was indeed great! One of these days you’ll have to come over to it, it’s a nice pub and nice music. The fiddler is our very own Paul Ferguson, a really fantastic player who knows loads of tunes. One of my favourite musicians, who very conveniently lives in Lancaster 🙂

  3. good post bev. Here’s the link to that Fahy tune

    starts at 1.26

    look forward to playing it with you next time

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